Assam: Sarudaiya Japi finds place in Guinness Book of World Records

MORIGAON: Sarudaiya Japi, an Assamese traditional umbrella created by bamboo, cane etc. was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record. The noted artist from Morigaon district, Subhas Medhi built a huge traditional japi at Bhurbandha field. He finished completing his work on the Japi on October 25,2014 after long three years.

The largest Japi was made with 1400 bamboos and 3000 tokou (palm) leaves that measured 545.965 square metres in total surface area. The Japi weighed 10326.51 kg.

The then Minister of Assam government, Basanta Das inaugurated this mega that covered 15 bigha of land.

The authority of Guinness Book of World Records, London sent a letter to Artist Subhas Medhi informing him about inclusion of his japi in the Guinness Book. The letter was received by Medhi on June 23.

The inclusion of Assamese Suradaiya Japi in Guinness Book of World Records is a major success story of an artist of Morigaon district who devoted time and energy for last 10 years to the cause. Subhas Medhi talking to newsmen said that his efforts was recognized by the world organisation and the heritage of Assamese culture was established in world forum.

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