Assam: Prediction games become popular as cops crack a whip on gambling

Assam: Prediction games become popular as cops crack a whip on gambling

GUWAHATI, April 17, 2018 (TNN): With the police cracking the whip on conventional betting rackets, city youths are trying their hand at cricket prediction with new, electronic ways of placing punts.
Social media and online gaming applications have become popular among gamblers during this season’s Indian Premier League (IPL). An android-based fantasy cricket application, DreamXI, is the rage among students in the capital region. The mobile application DreamXI, which has a dedicated website, is described as a fantasy cricket platform on the internet. However, now it has turned out to be a safe stage for students to indulge in betting with any legal hassles. Unlike conventional betting, the application offers users the choice to pick a playing XI for the upcoming matches. The results will be evaluated based on the performance of the chosen players in the match.

Further, the users can participate in paid contests that offer prize money. The contests start as low as Rs 10 and can go beyond Rs 5,000. The chances of winning depend completely on the selected eleven players. If the team selected by the user matches with the final eleven of the team, there will be a good chance of winning.


Though online betting is not allowed in India, DreamXI claims it is not betting directly on cricket matches but a fantasy game that involves skill to score points and win. The website also claims that the ‘game of skill’ is legal in India as it was allowed by Supreme Court. The website also cited two judgements given by Supreme Court in the state of Andhra Pradesh v/s K Satyanarayana and KR Lakshmanan v/s state of Tamil Nadu cases.

Interestingly, this app is not available on Google play store and one has to download it from the internet. Another interesting aspect is that the users from Telangana, Odisha and Assam were not allowed to participate in paid contests as the law does not allow even game of skill in these states. It may be noted that Telangana government has recently brought a law curbing online rummy.

 The reason behind the app going viral among students is that it comes with a referral offer of Rs 100. Every time a user downloads the application with the referral code which an existing user has provided with, the existing user will get Rs 100. Even the new user receives the same amount of money. They can utilise the money to participate in the contest on the app.
Apart from this new form of gambling, the conventional betting was also moved to social media applications like Facebook and Whatsapp. The racketeers are using the secret group option on Facebook and also leveraging the end-to-end encryption service being provided by Whatsapp to add members into closed groups without coming under the notice of cop’s.

Vijayawada police commissioner D Gautam Sawang said they have tightened vigilance on betting rackets. We will also look into various forms of online gaming and the legalities involved in it.

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