Assam: Man robs Rs 1.5lakh from Petrol Station in Beltola

Assam: Man robs Rs 1.5lakh from Petrol Station in Beltola

GUWAHATI, February 14, 2018: In a shocking incident that took place on February 13 at around 12:30 AM. One Sumit Sogani along with 20 other people in around 5-6 vehicles, has been accused of robbing M/S Kiran Petrol Pump at Wireless, Beltola.

As per Shankar Kutum, the owner of the petrol pump said that Sogani entered the office room of the petrol station and took around Rs. 1.5 lakhs from cash box. He also took away the hard-disk of the CCTVs installed in the petrol pump.

Shankar Kutum, who is a doctor by profession, is the son of late Ganesh Kutum, who was a speaker at the Assam Assembly. After the death of Ganesh Kutum in 2012, the management of petrol station was handed over to Laxmi Narayan Sogani, who is the father of Sumit Sogani. Kutum’s family had known Laxmi Narayan Sogani for several years.

According to Shankar, Sumit Sogani had allegedly been forcing the employees at the petrol station to adulterate the fuel.

When the illegal activity was brought to Kutum’s family, they decided to take over the management of the petrol station. It has also alleged that Sogani had been threatening the employees of the petrol station for over a month.

Sogani was allegedly aided by two old employees of the petrol station who knew how to operate the machinery. One of them has been identified as Raj Kapoor Mandal by Kutum.

While Kutum’s family dialled 100 to inform the police, the accused allegedly evaded the cops.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

Source: G-Plus

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