Assam: IN PICTURES- Assam man tells how militants who killed his father became part of ruling BJP!

Placards are taking the internet by storm. After DU student, Gurmehar Kaur posted a video with a series of placards and appealed for peace between India and Pakistan, a man from Haflong, Assam, whose father was murdered by militants has spoken up through a series of pictures. He’s asking ruling party BJP for some answers against the injustice done to him and his family.

Gabriel (name changed) posted a series of pictures around 21 hours ago with words and together they told a story. His father, the pictures say, was “brutally murdered” by militants in 2007. In a frustrating and highly questionable turn of events, they are now allied with the BJP and “rulers” of his district, Dima Hasao in Assam.

When Gabriel’s (name changed) father was murdered, he writes, he asked neither for money nor a government job. However, when the militants surrendered to the government, the government gave them crores of money. He further wrote, “With the money, they bought cars, properties and set up businesses and funded their political campaigns.”

#1 My father was brutally murdered by militants of NE India in 2007.


#2 The militants took up arms and were fighting against India!


#3 Not just my father, but HUNDREDS of innocent Indians have been killed by these anti-nationals in the last 15 years.


#4 I have never asked for a government job or financial help after my father’s death.


#5 But after the militants surrendered, Indian govt gave them crores of money.


#6 With the money, they bought cars, properties and set up businesses and funded their political campaigns.


#7 Now they have joined BJP and are the RULERS of my district, Dima Hasao in Assam.


#8 Can you please explain this to me BJP and ABVP?


#9 My family members, relatives, friends, people of my land are afraid to speak up against your party and its powerful members.


#10 They will see this post and most likely ask me to remove it ASAP.


#11 The ‘media’ will not help this post go viral because I’m NOT from Kashmir/DU or a Muslim/Dalit.


#12 But I’m NOT afraid.


#13 F*** T*** S***! – Nucleya


Source: India Times