Assam: French rock band ‘Last Train’ arrives Guwahati

Assam: French rock band ‘Last Train’ arrives Guwahati

GUWAHATI, December 4, 2017: ‘Last Train’ finally arrives in Guwahati on Saturday having a tour of six Indian cities. It is a French rock band and does not have any locomotive engine.

The drummer of the band Antoine said, “We’re on a tour of visiting eleven Indian cities. As of now, we’ve visited six cities – Shillong, Mumbai, Bangalore etc., before coming to Guwahati. Our experience on our first footfall in India is awesome. However, the real excitement is still to be felt. We’ll experience that only after setting foot back on France having visited 11 Indian cities. The crowd of audience we’re getting in India is very supportive. People of India are real music lovers. It’s an interesting job to share the rock music of one country with the music lovers of another country”.

While speaking to mediapersons, Jean Noel, a vocalist and guitarist of the band said, “The weather of Assam is awesome – being a blend of chill and warm. It’s quite different from the weather of our country. However, we’ve acclimatized ourselves here. The food here’s very spicy. Since we’re habituated with less spicy food we’d problems initially. However, we’re well accustomed now”.

In being asked if the band has any plans in the future to visit India, Noel said, “We’ve had a proposal from an Indian musical group. We’ve a plan to visit India again. We’re happy to have received such a proposal.”

The band has been sponsored by Bonjour India.

(TNT with inputs from The Sentinel)

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