Assam: Driver kills owner in Narengi

Assam: Driver kills owner in Narengi

GUWAHATI, February 14, 2018: In yet another shocking incident that took place in Narengi, a man was accused of murdering his owner on Tuesday.

The accused identified as Krishna Das used to work as a driver at  the deceased, Imran Ahmed’s place. Ahmed’s family has accused that Das has allegedly murdered him.

Whereas Das has stated that both he and Ahmed had met with an accident on Tuesday night which led to the death of Ahmed. But as per reports there are no signs of the car being involved in any accident.

It may be mentioned that Ahmed was admitted in hospital in critical condition but he later succumbed to his injuries.

Ahmed is a resident of Anand Nagar, Noonmati. Reportedly, police have arrested Krishna Das.

Source: DY365

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