Aircel service hits badly leaving customers high and dry

Aircel service hits badly leaving customers high and dry

Northeast | February 25, 2018: Telecom Service Provider Aircel service has been down since Friday evening in the state leading to of complaints from customers using the service. Aircel company which started in Manipur in November 2008 has a customer base around 2.5 lakh.

As per the reliable sources, the main problem for Aircel is that the company cannot sustain their operations nationwide. The spectrum license required for operating the service has a tax rate amounting to thousands of crores for a year.

Besides the charge, the cost of operations including staff salary, tower rental and generator fuel is steadily on the rise whereas the profit margin for calls and text messages, internet packages is getting lesser. Aircel also has to give charges for calls made to other service providers like Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone etc and at the same time charges for renting towers of other companies has to be given.

Aircel rents towers at around 80 percent from other service providers throughout the country. It is stated that the company is running into financial loss in the tune of Rs 15,000 crore.

At the same time, Reliance Telecom Jio is giving a hard competition to other service providers with free calls, texts and internet packages and seems to be affecting Aircel even further, the source adds.

Global Telecom Provider limited a leading infrastructure company focus on telecom and provides network service to telecom operators is said to be pulling the plug on Aircel. It is not verified at present whether services will resume as Aircel service remains down for more than 48 hours. At the same time, the customer base which is in lakhs is left high and dry.

Source: Imphal Free Press

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