About Us

TNT-The Northeast Today is the leading Online News Portal in Northeast India. Acting as the eyes and ears of the region, the team’s main aim is to serve the people of the region.

TNT covers topics of the relevant and crucial importance of the region from Politics & Governance to Entertainment, Culture, Food & Sports with a special emphasis on human interest stories which capture the soul of the region.

Our platforms have a combined social media audience of more than 8,35,974+ and a footfall of 1 Million+ visitors to our portal every month, which provides a unique opportunity for brands to make a real impact and gain direct access to an incredibly engaged audience in an effective and trusted environment.

TNT Family

Ibankyntiew Mawrie: Managing Editor
Andre Kongri: Associate Editor
Ferdinand Rani: News Producer
Nikita Gadal: Features Producer
Sania Ahmed: News Editor
Aparmita Das: Content Curation Specialist
Marvin Kharsohnoh: Social Media Specialist
Laxmi Chyrmang: Sub Editor
Ladiangti Rani: Sub Editor
Gabriel Momin: Sub Editor
Shankar Turha: Sub Editor
Christopher Gatphoh: Sub Editor
Laurence Lyngdoh Mawlong: Graphic Designer
Gilsylvester Langstieh: Graphic Designer
Sawdamut Kharbuki: Video Editor
Andrew Rapmai: Video Editor
Bashisha Kharkongor: Office Assistant
Daiaphira Kharsati: Reporter (Shillong)
Richard Marngar: Correspondent (West Khasi Hills)
Eric Calvin Ranee: Correspondent (Ri Bhoi)
Tanmoy Chakraborty: Correspondent (Tripura)
Nitesh Pradhan: Correspondent (Sikkim)
Halley Nongmaithem: Correspondent (Manipur)
Rajdeep Das: Sales Manager
Mohit Karwal: SEO Manager