7 facts about Mukul Sangma

7 facts about Mukul Sangma


  1. Unlike other politicians he is actually a doctor and practiced his profession after completing his degree in MBBS. His involvement in Medicine is supposed to be his first foray where he came in direct contact with the people of his constituency.



  1. Contrary to what is perceived, Mukul Sangma has not been in Congress throughout his career. As a matter of fact he won his first election from Ampati as an independent candidate and only later joined the grand old party.



  1. Mukul Sangma is the only Chief Minister in the state to have two sitting erstwhile Chief Minister to be serving under him. Ironically, he was a junior colleague to both these erstwhile CMs namely Salseng Marak and DD Lapang.



  1. Mukul Sangma is an avid singer and is supposed to be quite a singer and the life of the party when he lets his hair down (Check the Video). Incidentally he even  featured as a vocalist  in a Christmas album way back when he was a Deputy Chief Minister.


  1. In private, Mukul Sangma is quite a soccer fan and personally flew down to Brazil on his personal expense to watch his favourite team, Argentina in the World Cup.



  1. Mukul Sangma is proficient in 6 languages which include Meitei and is believed to give fluent speeches in the Manipuri dialect apart from his mother tongue Garo.



  1. Mukul Sangma is the second longest (continuous) serving Chief Minister in the history of the State with only the Late Captain William Sangma however former CM Salseng Marak has served a full term which Mukul Sangma is yet to complete.





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