7 Bands you must know from Mizoram

7 Bands you must know from Mizoram

The unexplored paradise on earth, the North East states, are not only blessed with natural, unique tradition, culturally attractive and rare wildlife. It is also a paradise in various style of music like traditional, metal, rock and pop. Instead of going abroad to find the talent, there are many hidden caliber and good quality music in this region. Although, it is difficult to cover the entire rich music scene in this region, let’s have an ambit look on some of the great band from Mizoram, one of the beautiful states in this region.



The band of 5 incredible guy from Aizawl are not only doing well in the state or region, they were also amongst the “Ten New Indian Acts to watch out for” by The Rolling Stone Magazine, 08 Ind. The splendid flow of their music is triggered by two soulful Lushai (Mizo) six-string executioners blended with metal, hip-hop, jazz, funk, punk, rock and they like to brand as “junk rock”. The band had played in many places like Pubs, Hard Rock Cafés, Someplace Else, Kyra Theatre etc as well as festivals like Great Indian Rock, World Music Day, Korea-Indo Fest, North East Music Festival etc and had played alongside top International and national acts like  Scott Kinsey Band, Lamb Of God, Intronout, Firehouse, Parikrama, Pentagram and many more. They were also a winners and runners in many awards like Nokia Lords of Music, Independence Rock, Mumbai, IIT Guwahati, NIT Silchar and many more. The band had released their debut album with Universal Music called Home and the single stellar reached VH1 Top 10 which stayed continuously for 3 weeks.  Hope you will understand exactly where to place their category!!



The Christian Rock Band of 5 talented guys from Aizawl was formed in 2005 and got the name “Magdalene” from the Bible. Magdalene is synonymous with experimentation when it comes to rock genre. They often played in many festivals and busied themselves with many tours in the country. They were also a winner and runner in many national competitions like Great Indian Rock NIT’s, IIT’s, Hornbill National Rock etc. Their album ‘Life beyond Death” adds a whole new dimension to Indian rock music is a must listen for all rock music fanatics.

The Chosen


This young bunch of six enthusiastic talented girls from Aizawl got together by their common love for music and formed a gospel band back in 2009 after jamming many times together. The band rise up to the music scene with their first ever single “Broken Wings” later followed by “Kan fak a che”. The young girl band includes Seni (Guitarist), Fiona (Vocalist), Mawitei(Vocalist), Xoey (Bassist),  Afeli(Drummer),  Malsawmi (Keyboardist). One of their lead vocalists Fiona won one of the music Special Award at Moonlight Awards 20011.

The Apples


This loud and sparkling rock ‘n’ roll girl band was formed back in 2007 at Aizawl. The Apples is fronted by Zodingliani with her retro rock style and smirking off high energy guitar wizardy. The band includes of Jojo(Vocalist), ZoZoi(Drummer), Afaki (Bassist), DingDingi(Guitarist). They have also covered the Mizo version of the 50’s hit “Stupid Cupid” which helped them increase their popularity and fan base.

The Scavenger Project


The project/band is the brainchild of Victor, former guitarist of the powerful band Magdalene. The band is a convergence of the top talents in the Mizoram music, the band members like Jonah of 3rd Sovereign, Michael M Sailo experienced both on stage and off, with a gift for composition and songwriting. They want to brand their music as “electro-rock progressive”, a blend of electronic, progressive rock, hip hop and metal. They participate in many shows and competitions like Independence Rock, North East Beat Contest etc which won them awards.

Frisky Pints


Frisky Pints started when Joseph and Danny met in Camden Town at London in 2010. Tied with a dream of making a band and sharing their love of music, they returned to India to meet up with new band mates Anggu and Valentino and hence officially started Frisky Pints Band. Since they formed as a band, they played in various venues and festivals across India like international artist Lee Ronaldo & The Dust (Sonic Youth of USA), The 7 sisters Rock Festival, The India Bike Week, New Wave Festival Goa and more. They also participated in the competition like ’Hard Rock Rising’ which is a global battle of the bands taking place at all Hard Rock outlets from Las Vegas to Tokyo and stormed through the national level competition as well as the online voting system ‘top 25 bands worldwide’ category, the first Indian Bands to reach this level. The band was handpicked by Uday Benegal(Indus Creed) to jam on MTV as part of the Rayban never hide sound series and also won the Delhi leg of the Converse roads to rubber contest. The bands were nominated by The Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 2013’s ‘best emerging rock act’ and MTV Indies included them in the ’10 Immensely Talented Young Bands That Hold Potential To Stardom’.



Juggernaut is a six piece progressive rock band from the beautiful hills of Mizoram. The band aims to verbalize the love, peace and harmony to create a beautiful musical world with new trends of sound to touch everyone’s heart. The band got a good riposte after releasing its first Single ‘Sacrifice’ in the year 2016. Their lyrics express the ups and downs faced by the band individually and as a whole, they have a common experience that communicates to both thriving and struggling towards their goal. And ponders that it’s not about the money, as long as one is enjoying the show.

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Photo Credit: www.indianbandshub.com

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