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Assam: Breakthrough on elephant smuggling racket

GUWAHATI: It is reported that a joint operation conducted by Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Forest department and police arrested Mumtaj Siddique (65), one of the kingpins of elephant smuggling racket operating from upper Assam districts. According to Digboi forest divisional officer ...Read More

Climbers contest claim made by couple who “scaled” Mt Everest

Apparently politics make its way to even scaling mountains as a couple's claim to conquering Mount Everest has been contested by other climbers. The Indian couple named Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod who are from Pune had reportedly told the press ...Read More

Meghalaya: ‘Nongstoin-Mawthabah road’, a clash of interests between NGOs and residents

SHILLONG: The want for development and the fear of destruction has indeed affected the proposed construction of the Wahkaji-Mawthabah road but at the same time, it has evolved into a controversial issue which subsequently led to clash of interests between ...Read More

7-yr-old raped and killed; Family not allowed to cremate her

ALLAHABAD: A seven-year-old girl in Allahabad was first raped, then murdered three weeks later to prevent her from sharing details of the crime. Yesterday, the police hit her father and other relatives with batons or lathis as they unsuccessfully tried ...Read More

Did you know?

Hannah Khiangte, Fashion Designer from Mizoram on India Runway Week and more

Fashion design is a challenging, creative field that requires business, art and design skills which a young fashion designer from Aizawl, Mizoram seems to be getting right making herself a name in the fashion industry. Her brand logo depicting her name is ...Read More

All you need to know about the Mizoram Accord, 1986

Government of India have all along been making earnest effort to bring about an end to the disturbed condition in Mizoram and to restore peace and harmony. The official document entitled Mizoram Accord, 1986, Memorandum of Settlement was the landmark ...Read More

Manipur: Breakthrough over the killing of former insurgent’s leader killing

IMPHAL: According to reports, it is learnt that the Manipur Police made announcement that they have arrested six persons on charge of their involvement in the killing of Ningombam Nabachandra, a former People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) chairman and his ...Read More

Apple sued for $10 billion for allegedly stealing designs

The iPhone was launched 9 years ago today, but Thomas S. Ross claims that he basically designed it in 1992.  In a lawsuit filed Monday (June 27) in the Southern District of Florida, Ross is suing Apple for over $10 ...Read More