Weaving , an inherited but dying art of Nagaland!

Weaving , an inherited but dying art of Nagaland!

Nagaland is one of the most beautiful states of the North East India and is blessed with ample artistic and imaginative calibre. The state has a rich tradition and culture which has been enhancing the creativity of the people of the region. This traditional boon has enabled the state and its people acquire an outstanding position in the world of arts and crafts.


One of the venerable art of the Nagas is weaving.  This art is used to make dress material for both men and women for their everyday use.  It has played a major role in boosting up the state‘s economy and trade.  Since the process of weaving clothes is time taking and involves a lot of hard work, the products are usually expensive.


Regardless of the fact that the art of weaving and spinning is one of the oldest and unique, it is losing its impact and is being practised and promoted by few.  Fortunately there are people who do realize the importance of traditional art and do the needful to preserve and promote it. Like the women of the Angami tribe in Kigwema, are mastering the art, skill and technique of weaving shawls and wrappers.  These beautiful garments in Angami dialect are known as Lohe, Phemhou, etc and are worn during all occasions and events. Interestingly, the women who took this initiative are not only housewives or weavers but educated and employed women are taking an active part in it. These weavers manage their busy schedule and weave during their free time. The products that they weave are either given as gifts to their near ones by them or they sell it to the local market. There are three wool shops which are located in the highway along the village. The shop supplies wool and other items required for weaving. The villagers sell the weaved products to the shop at wholesale rates. It is also called the oldest wool shop in the village.

02_Hand weaved shaul

The art of weaving and spinning has been an authentic art and it definitely needs to be preserved. Likewise there are numerous other ethnic traditional arts in other states of North East as well  which are to be given attention before they face extinction.

source : The Morung Express

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