Tripura: Two women molested in Agartala Government Medical College

Tripura: Two women molested in Agartala Government Medical College

AGARTALA: The opposition political parties demanded resignation of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar shouldering responsibility of his failure to protect the women following alleged that molestation of two patients in the Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) in past two days.

Two ladies in AGMC were physically assaulted and abuses by miscreants in the hospital campus.

A woman of Indranagar area of Agartala was admitted two days ago, at AGMC hospital’s female medicine ward with a complaint of chest pain, where she was allegedly molested by an unidentified person who entered into the ward while she was sleeping. She along with other patients of the ward started shouting, as the accused took to heels, the victim complaint to police.

After receiving information on the incident, police collected the CCTV footage from the hospital and identified the person as Sunil Das (37), a resident of Melaghar, was arrested and a specific case of molestation was slapped against him at East Agartala Women police station.

The second incident of molestation inside the female medicine ward was reported within a day after the first incident where a 15-year-old girl was allegedly molested by a TSR jawan.

Police however, yet to arrest the accused.

The Opposition Trinamool Congress, BJP and Congress separately asked Mr Sarkar to relinquish the responsibility of home portfolio, as his administration was utterly failed to ensure security of women even in the hospital.

“In an average five ladies are being subjected to fall victim of crime in the state and during last three years the crime on women goes beyond control due to political interference on police functioning by the ruling party. All the criminals are getting shelter in CPI-M,” added Trinamool Congress President Ashis Saha.

In another incident, Avik Chowdhury, a second-year student of Belonia College in the South Tripura was arrested yesterday on the charge of molestation after a college girl filed a case against him.

According to the FIR, when the girl was returning home from her college riding a bicycle, Avik, resident of Kalinagar area in Belonia, stopped and started molesting her on the road at Satmura area. She somehow managed to flee from the spot and reach home.


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