Tripura security men sharing their creative stance

Tripura security men sharing their creative stance

AGARTALA: Like police, the Tripura State Rifles dedicate their most of the time in safeguarding people’s lives. Having no fixed schedule of their duty hours, they sometimes do not get time to see their families. Their muscles are meant to hold guns but exceptionally, a few security personnel came out exhibiting their inner creativity proving that those muscles could even hold painting brush.

Amidst busy schedule, a few TSR personnel took out time to portray figures, nature and creative ideas through their painting brush and creating realistic sculptures. Some of their works were shown in a photo-exhibition held in Agartala recently.

Dilip Paswan, jawan of TSR 2nd Battalion loves to spend quality time with his painting brush. Hailing from Bihar’s Nalanda, Paswan got his schooling education till Class 10 from Kolkata. He had also a four years formal course on painting from Rabindra Bharati University.

“Painting is my hobby and I am still attached to it. We have a hectic duty schedule and there is no time-frame bound for our duty. After my duty hours, I sit with my painting brush and paper to relax my mind. Painting gives me mental relaxation after the duty hours,” Paswan said.

Life of Sunil G, another TSR jawan of 2nd Battalion was a bit different from Paswan as the former was born in artists’ family. Though he was Malayali, he was born and brought up in Karnataka. He had done his schooling and stayed there till he got the job in the TSR in 2003. He never allowed his hectic duty hours to collide with his creativity- making sculptures.

“I had aimed to be an engineer during my school days. But God had something else destined for me. I had appeared for the TSR job and got selected. But, I didn’t forget my creativity even now. My wife is also involved in designing creative art. She supports me a lot in this case,” he said.

Sunil was also a good hockey and Kabaddi player in his school days and took part in several state-level meet.

Creativity could not die with ages. Arjun Rudrapal, working in TSR 11th battalion, proved the fact.

All the three siblings are working in TSR, but Arjun, aged about 50 years old is the one in the family who has another identity besides being a TSR man.

“My siblings are also in TSR. Our family has three government job earners. Though my brothers are totally engaged in their job and family duties, I take out time amidst my duty to spend time with my painting brush and canvas. And I completed my most of the portraits in my office during off hours,” he said.

Swapan Debbarma is also lone artist in his family. Posted in TSR 6th Battalion, Swapan take interest in making sculptures since his childhood. Well, that was a sort of passing quality time then, but now it becomes his hobby.

“I just love to prepare sculptures in my tender years. It was a type of game for me then. With growing years, the game turned into a passion which I am carrying with me even now,” he said.

Shanti Kumar Debbarma, working in TSR 2nd battalion didn’t give up his creativity even he became father of a daughter.

His father Indrakumar Debbarma used to make bamboo products. He used to glare at his work in childhood and perhaps, this helped to inculcate the passion of creative designs.

“We do eight hours duty a day. Still, I try to get out time to spend creative time,” he said.

Madhab Barman got job in TSR 10th battalion in 2003. Just four years ago of getting job, Madhab took formal training in painting and even trained in a painting school for two years.

Now, he is married and a father of one son.

“Though I got little time to learn painting, I developed the passion and still continuing amidst my work schedule,” Barman said.

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