Tripura: 2130 suicide cases in 3 years

Tripura: 2130 suicide cases in 3 years

AGARTALA: According to reports, a total of 2130 suicide cases have been registered in the last three years. Of them, the percentage of males suicide is much higher, a government report says.

The report clarified that a total of 1370 suicides were male while 760 were women.

Government and private employees, students, housewives, labours, businessmen, retired employees, farmers, unemployed took their own life due to various reasons.

The number of suicide cases among labours was reported to be around 632 which is considered to be the highest in the last three years.  572 were males and the rest 60 were females.

A total of 511 housewives had committed suicide in different parts of the State reportedly due to domestic violence issues. Suicide cases of 328 entrepreneurs including 322 males and 6 females are in the third position.

However, a total of 267 students had committed suicide in these last three years. The number of male students was 148 and the rest were females. 

It has been reported that the number of suicides in males surpassed female. A total of 174  males and 20 females ended their lives due to unemployment. 

75 people including 63 males and 12 females, who were financially dependent on their family members, committed suicide. While government employees, the number of suicide cases is only 25 including one woman.

The lowest suicide cases were found in retired employees ($ Suicides), private sector employees (9 Suicides) and farmers (3 Suicides), whom were all males. 

A total of 82 suicide cases (51 males and 31 females) were registered in other cases.



According to psychologists, suicides are related to depression. Financial stress is one of the reasons that give birth to depression.

 “There are different reasons for different people to commit suicide. Lack of job security and poverty drove the labours working in unorganized sectors to commit suicide. Regarding housewives, domestic violence due to dowry demand becomes a vital reason to end their lives. And rejection in love affair, poor marks in exam sometimes led the students come under the grip of depression. As they fail to overcome, they choose the path of death,” the expert said.

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