Traditional Mizo colorful puans on display

Traditional Mizo colorful puans on display

The original garment of the Mizos is known as puan. They were used by men and women more or less in the same fashion. One has to see them to believe the intricate traditional designs woven by the Mizo women, born weavers who produce what can only be described as art on their looms. The Mizo have held on to certain patterns and mottos that have come down through the ages. These design have become deep rooted in their tribal consciousness and has become a part of the Mizo heritage. The unique value of Mizo PUAN comes from the personal involvement of the weaver, who with great labour weaves her dreams into each work and weft until every design has a story to tell. These traditional hand woven apparels are of different shades and designs without exquisite play of colour combination and intricate weaving patterns has been evolved. Some of the common clothing or puan are :-

Puanchei: It is by far the most colourful costume and is used by every Mizo lady.

Kawrchei: A distinctive blouse of the ladies

Ngotekherh: This traditional puan is won round the waist originally it was a men’s puan but now it is worn by men and women alike.

Hmar am : Originally this was a small hand woven cloth of handspun cotton and indigo dye.

Cyhna Hno: It is a beautiful embroidered silk puan of the Mara’s. It is used by both men and women.


Photo Source: Instagram page- mizoram.india
Photo Credit: Instagram user – robert_chongthu



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