This list of young entrepreneurs from Northeast India will leave you inspired!

This list of young entrepreneurs from Northeast India will leave you inspired!



Hironmoy Gogoi

At just 19, he came to be known as one of the world’s youngest entrepreneur with the founding of  “Northeastern institute of technology” on April 1, 2013 and now at 22, he is the founder of several start ups and also the recipient of “Student entrepreneur of the year award 2016”. However, despite so many achievements up his sleeves, Hironmoy Gogoi from Assam is a commoner like anyone of us, the only difference being that he chose to look at the bright side of things and turn his failures into stepping stones for success.



Jonathan Burner

Jonathan Burner was born on December 4th, 1996. His initiative is known as Priority Promotions is a creative house for harbouring creative minds to brainstorm, formulate ideas and strategies to create promotional and branding materials for various companies in and around Sikkim. It caters to the nedd of cater to this need of branding and promotion in the state which in turn helps companies gain a better presence in their market by proper promotion and effective branding.


Rewaj Chettri

When it comes to knowing one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Sikkim , he surely does qualify to be one who has stood outstanding in all the ventures he has explored so far. He has showcased himself in a very accomplished manner and has portrayed all his skills in a very memorable way. He is the Founder of NE Taxi, a service for easy tourist facility in Northeast India as well as ‘CISUM’ a native music app. Currently, he is working on a couple of projects online and offline.


Sonam Choden Bhutia

Sonam Choden Bhutia (27) of Gangtok, is a founder of the ‘Taste Bud Sikkim: Homemade Chocolates’. She has employed 10 women from her locality who are supporting her in taking up the venture successfully. Currently, She  is also running a boutique ‘Norla’ at Metro Point, Gangtok where she has been selling her homemade chocolates. She has participated and sold her chocolates products in different events and places.

Priya Dahal

Priya Dahal (28)  of Namchi , South Sikkim is the founder of ‘Beautiful Earth’. Launched in April 2016, Beautiful Earth is an entirely self-funded project which involves rural women from different parts of Sikkim  in soap making using natural ingredients. Initially, Priya received  professional training in soap making from Delhi along with her two teammates.

Devika Gurung

Devika Gurung (29) of Gangtok is a founder of ‘Fidgety Fingers’ which was launched in September 2015. Fidgety Fingers is a social entrepreneurship project initiated with an aim to help deprived women (mainly school drop outs, young mothers, and victims of physical and social abuse) become socially and financially empowered. At Fidgety Fingers, women make handmade products and 20 percent of the sale amount from every product go to the women who made the product. It is entirely a self-sponsored project of Devika Gurung.

Reena Rai

Reena Rai (36) from Gangtok is the owner and founder of  ‘Studio MAATO’. She started her journey into the  world of pottery from the year 2007 thereafter she has been creating and designing varieties of pottery wares. After her Bachelors in Arts from Loreto College, Kolkata, she studied Interior Designing at Exteriors Interiors Institute there. After many years of the journey into the pottery world and intensive handwork and training, Reena successfully set up a Studio MAATO at her residence in Sorok-Kitam about 6 Kms from Namchi. Currently, she has employed four support staff, including two women whom she has trained and helps her in the production.

Smita Rai

Smita Rai from Namchi, South Sikkim is the founder/leader of ‘Namchi Designer Candles’ which is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of NEDFi. The project involves the women of age between 20 to 50 years. Some of them are homemakers while others are unmarried and engaged with certain activities at home and in the surrounding. Initially, Smita Rai made a group of 20 girls from Namchi and underwent a training programme on candle making under the banner of NEDFi at Namchi.  After the completion of the training programme, Smita Rai started making it big with the continuous involvement of only 12 women in the project. The team has also set up an outlet at Namchi and has also been participating in various national and international exhibitions and events.



Ramina Haorokcham

Ramina Haorokcham, a resident of Imphal, Keishampat Thokchom Leikai studied in Imphal and completed her graduation at Delhi. It did not deter her spirit to stop but she went to China earning an MBA degree and working for about three years. Haorokcham is the owner/founder of based in Noida, launched in February 2015, Gojilove is an online lingerie, pleasurable objects, swimwear and dresses collection store which aims to fulfill the personal and intimate needs of youngsters (18+) and adults.



Zuboni Humtsoe

Zuboni Humtsoe from Nagaland is the face of PML (PreciuosMeLove), Nagaland’s first online fashion brand.  PML as an extension of each member’s dreams, ambitions and persona. Their fashion collections are also designed according to what styles people would love to wear, designs that are flattering and comfortable for different occasions and events, from classic formals to stylish casuals & the latest trends to basic style staples. They follow the Japanese work culture and ethics – everybody is an equal, everybody works, eats and plays together. They believe in dignity of labour, hard-work, creativity, constant innovation, improvisation and perseverance. To foster a sense of oneness amongst the team, speaking of tribal native language is prohibited.

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The list has been prepared keeping in mind not only the entrepreneurial initiative of the young achievers but also considering the overall social impact of their work. We believe and know there are many others who have made an impact and we acknowledge each and everyone equally.



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