These UFO sightings over India’s Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan will leave you wondering in curiosity!

These UFO sightings over India’s Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan will leave you wondering in curiosity!

Declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents reveal  detection of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) in the 1950s and 1960s. The CIA documents have recorded sightings of “bright objects” in India, Nepal and Bhutan in 1968.

The external spy agency filed a report in the April of 1968 detailing at least six suspected sightings of the UFO over Ladakh, Sikkim , Bhutan and Nepal.


The report noted “particulars of bright objects seen over south Ladakh, north east Nepal, north Sikkim and western Bhutan.”

UFO over Nepal

The report recorded a sighting over Kaski in Nepal during the night of March 25, 1968, where, “A huge metallic disc-shaped object with a six-foot base and four feet in height was found in a crater at Baltichaur, five miles north east of Pokharan” It also involved a “blazing object, flashing intermittently” that “disintegrated.”


(representational image)

UFO over Ladakh

The report recorded a sighting over Chang La, Fukche and Koyul in Ladakh during March 1968, where, “One white light and simultaneously two blasting sounds were heard. Also, one reddish light followed by white smoke.” Following this, there were two more sightings were reported over Ladakh, one on March 4 and another on March 25.

UFO over Nepal and Sikkim

The report recorded another fast-moving and bright object spotted over Northeast Nepal and north Sikkim at 9 pm on February 19, 1968. The object was so bright that it lit up the area at night. It was reportedly seen over Lachung, Lachen, Thangu, Muguthang and Chholamu in Sikkim. The report also noted a “thunder sound” at Chholamu after the sighting.

UFO over Bhutan


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At about 9:30 pm on February 21, 1968, the report recorded a “bluish colored object” over Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, and it was moving at “high speed without any noise” and had enough light to “brighten the area”.

However, the reports offer no insight on what the CIA experts made out of these sightings. The records were kept confidential until recently when the CIA decided to declassify these 9,30,000 documents.

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