The man behind the vibes of Assam’s Rock Music band,’aswekeepsearching’

The man behind the vibes of Assam’s Rock Music band,’aswekeepsearching’

Guwahati, May 15: As rock music originated and developed into a range of different styles, rising post-rock musicians are experimenting newer themes. With an itinerary covering Netherlands, Italy, UK tour rounded up the year, we spoke exclusively to band member, Uddipan Sharma of “aswekeepsearching “.

Uddipan has roots back in the Northeast, hailing from Assam and this exclusive interview with TNT was rounded up just before their big release of album “Zia” by Red Bull Music on the 28th of April.


TNT – Tell us about yourself, your growing up years and finally making into the rock music industry?

Uddipan– We started as just another band in this country. It was a studio project which went on becoming a full fledged live band. I don’t think we have made it yet to the rock music industry, which is huge and we are constantly working hard to reach a wider audience with our music. 

TNT – Tell us about you, the other band members. How did you guys collaborate and why did you decide upon the name ” As we keep searching”?

Uddipan- When we first started out, we were looking/ searching for a bassist so we thought why not name the band ‘as we keep searching’ which later down the path changed to the now one word ‘aswekeepsearching’.

We are four members, I do the guitars and vocals, Shubham plays guitars and keyboard, Bob handles the bass and Gautam plays the drums

TNT- You guys have created a lot of buzz in the music circles with the Indie rock genre. Tell us more about it?

Uddipan- Our music is very emotionally instrumental, following the footsteps of the ‘post-rock’ genre but we tried to make it a bit different by introducing ambient vocal layers in Hindi which compliments the instrumentation. This genre stood out to be unique in India and that helped us a lot as we are the one ones doing it professionally.

TNT – While Shillong is the rock capital of the country, the other parts of the region also has a huge rock influence. But do you think that now it is other major centres like Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai which are drawing up more on the rock-n-roll culture?

Uddipan- There is a reason why the biggest indie music festival, NH7 weekender says Shillong edition was the best. We loved playing in Shillong on last weekender edition. It was easily one of the best gigs we played. The crowd and the place is amazing. I don’t think Shillong has or will ever lose its charm on rock music.

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TNT – You have visited North East quite a lot of times for performances as well as releasing albums. Tell us about your experiences while performing. How is it (if at all) different from the rest of the country?

Uddipan-  As I mentioned, it was always amazing. I am from Assam and it won’t be right to ask me if I like North East  because I will be completely bias about my choice. Home is always home.

TNT – Tell us about your upcoming album Zia & collaborations with other artists. How many albums are you guys planning to release by the year’s end? Also tell us about your previous releases.

Uddipan- Zia is our second full length album. It will be coming out on 28th April 2017. For the past one & a half years we have been travelling, playing and promoting our debut album ‘Khwaab’ to as many people as possible. We have been extremely lucky to receive an immense amount of love and support from our fans, family and friends for the same.

Being on the road as a band, touring, has given us lot of different experiences to each one of us, which we are never going to forget. With ‘Zia’, we are trying to express all of these different emotions – the ups and downs of life, through each individual track for which we have given our all and made sure we left nothing behind.

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 TNT – What are your plans for the future? Where do you see you and the band after 5 years?

Uddipan-  We are focusing on releasing our second album Zia as of now. We will keep planning things on the go.

-Interviewed by Payal Bhattacharjee for TNT- The Northeast Today

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