The Duchess of Cambridge has turned 35. Lets have a look on what makes her so special!

The Duchess of Cambridge has turned 35. Lets have a look on what makes her so special!


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Catherine Middleton turns 35 today who set a precedent by becoming the first person to have a humble background and be inducted into the Royal family. But with time the Duchess has not only won over the hearts of Britons but has struck a chord with millions others abroad. So, lets take a look on some of the factors which makes the Duchess so special to the public eyes!

The Kate Middleton Effect

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The Kate Middleton Effect is predominantly the impact which the Duchess supposedly has on the Fashion industry of UK. According to Newsweek, “The Kate Effect may be worth £1 billion to the UK fashion industry,” Her wedding dress was put on display at Buckingham Palace in the summer of 2011 when helped on to raise approximately £8 million for the Royal Collection, as well as the charitable fund of the Duke and Duchess, with a record number of visitors. This charitable contribution was enhanced in 2012 when the Duchess gave her first public speech for her patronage, EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices), and was seen wearing one of their charity bracelet which then went on to sell out rapidly.

The Royal Foundation


Kate has been involved in social projects from college time and even took a year off to work in Chile. She has been instrumental in the The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry which initiates many philanthropic activities from the time it was established in 2011. The project, “United for Wildlife” is an unprecedented collaboration between seven of the largest field based international conservation organisations and The Royal Foundation. United for Wildlife has launched a free online course to engage with young people and future conservationists. “Introducing Conservation” is a Massive Online Open Course aiming to inspire and connect young people from around the world including countries like Tanzania, India, Kenya and Columbia. Another significant project is the “Secondary School Education in Uganda”. The Royal Foundation has supported the initiative to improve secondary education in impoverished communities in Uganda, where less than 25% of children are able to attend secondary school. There are many other such ongoing projects by the Foundation which include “Heads Together”, “Endeavor Fund”, “Coach Core”

Sports and Kate


Kate  was a standout athlete in boarding school, running cross country, swimming, and playing tennis and field hockey. She had trained  with the “Sisterhood cross Channel” rowing team for months to steer her all-female crew across the English ChannelAlthough allergic to horses, she has been often spotted while cheering on the horse racers at different horsing events including the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival in England. She has been a regular at the Chakravarty Cup to support both Princes’ polo efforts. Kate  is a big time tennis fanatic and reportedly takes it to Prince William on the court.

Foreign visits

Kaziranga: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine (Kate), Duchess of Cambridge enjyoing the jeep safari inside the Kaziranga National Park of Assam, on Wednesday. PTI Photo (PTI4_13_2016_000011B)

During their five-and-a-half years together as man and wife, the couple have clocked up 71,196 miles on foreign trips and spent 44 days abroad. Among the  recent visits, Kate and William on their visit to India had spent time on the famous National Park (Kaziranga) of this region.  They wound up their tour with a visit to the Taj Mahal, retracing the steps of a 1992 visit to the monument of love by William’s mother, the late Princess Diana.


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Kate is the foremost among the Princess of the Royal family to have a formal University Degree. Princess Diana also could not complete her education allowing to the early age of marriage when she was married off at the age of 20. Kate is a Masters in History from the University of  St Andrews.

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