The art of preparing one of Khasi’s fav delicacies — ‘Putharo’

The art of preparing one of Khasi’s fav delicacies — ‘Putharo’

The khasi has a variety of dishes especially made from grounded rice.The Putharo, Puklein, Pudoh are all delicacy made from pounded rice. The cuisines are famously found in many stalls in and around Shillong and the outskirts of Shillong and they are all well loved dishes .They are usually taken at tea time. Let us take a look at one of the famous dish of the khasi the Putharo.



1/2 Cup Rice flour (If available, red rice flour is preferred)

2 tbsp Powdered jaggery

2 tbsp freshly grated coconut

A pinch of salt and few sprinkles of water


Dry roasted the flour for 2 minutes, until it was hot to touch.

Let it cool and then proceed to make the putharo’s.

If using home-made rice flour, then skip the above step.

Take the rice flour in a flat plate, add salt and sprinkle warm water 2-3 times and start mixing the rice. You should be able to hold the flour in your fist and when pressed, it should hold shape and when crumbled it should crumble well.


Add jaggery and fresh coconut, mix well.

Take two small bowls/silicon moulds or a flat earthen .Using two steel katori’s/bowl, grease the bowls, fill the bowls with the rice flour mixture.

Cover the bowls with a piece of parchment paper, to avoid water dripping into the bowl while steaming. Steam cook for 10-12 minutes.

Remove from the steamer, let it cool for 2 minutes, and then carefully unmould it on to a serving plate.

Serve Warm.

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