Taba Chake releases stop motion music video

Taba Chake releases stop motion music video

Taba Chake an Independent musician from Arunachal Pradesh has released his first ever Stop Motion Music Video for the song Morning Sun.

“Finally, I have the most adorable gift from the most honest person who genuinely love my music and gave her precious time on making this video. The video production took place on her living room with the assistance of her 12 year old niece, and with the help of another creative friend Persis Rai. Whatever items we see in the video are made up of things that were borrowed from their neighbours or stolen from friends (Chuckles). I am so blessed that they’ve made this stop motion video for me with so much patience and hard work, just to support my music. This is completely a Zero Budget Film.” Chake added.

The artist was born and brought up in a small town of Doimukh. He commenced his musical journey at the tender age of 5. From an early age he had an affinity towards sound and music which later led him to pick up the guitar as his main instrument. At the age of 18 he began a new venture and started playing finger style guitar. Known for his percussive guitar chops. Chake has also taken names for his unique vocals and song writing style. A lot of his music is inspired by the sounds of the nature and his personal experiences.

Link to the video:

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