Silk Route In Sikkim; A Detour to Nature’s Own 3Ds’ Sights

GANGTOK: History lessons would have taught us that the Silk Road or Silk Route is an ancient network of trade and cultural transmission routes through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East from China and India to the Mediterranean Sea. The route is approximately 10,000 kilometres long.

The Silk Route in Sikkim is an offshoot of the ancient trade route which came from Lhasa, crossing Chumbi Valley and passing through Nathula to finally reach the port of Tamluk in West Bengal. This portion of the Old Silk Route through Bhutan, East Sikkim and West Bengal measures about 900 kilometers. Interestingly, silk was not the most treasured item traded in this part of the route – it was horses, wool and tea.

This Picture captured by team from Beauty of Northeast ( a FB Page) depicts the unexplored beauty of India and the historical significance of this route. 

Silk Route , Sikkim
Silk Route , Sikkim (photo credit: Beauty of Northeast FB Page)



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