Sikkim villages to be mapped under sanitation and SLWM index

Sikkim villages to be mapped under sanitation and SLWM index

A workshop on preparation of Cleanliness Index and SLWM Index along with DPR preparation for Solid Waste Management for rural areas was held at Janta Bhawan.

The workshop conducted by Swachh Bharat Mission(gramin) cell of RM&DD had the participation of Secretary, RMDD, Additional Secretary cum Mission Director, Swachh Bharat Mission (gramin), officials from SBM cell of RMDD,  ADC(developments), BDOs and Panchayat Inspectors from all districts.

It may be noted here that the state is now on the process of conducting self assessment of cleanliness Index and SLWM index at all the villages. This index will be prepared by special Gram sabhas to be held in all the gram panchayat units of the state.  The workshop was to apprise the field officers of the department of the process of conducting the cleanliness and SLWM index. The index would be uploaded in the national management information system (IMIS) and later taken as the base for independent verification by the central government.

The objective of preparing the cleanliness index and SLWM index is to measure the cleanliness level of villages and rank them in order of their cleanliness and also create awareness and a sense to competition among the villages throughout the nation.

Initially a survey was conducted for 70000 household in 75 districts across the nation and based on the findings and study by experts in series of meeting the formula was devised, based on which the current cleanliness and SLWM index is being prepared by the gram sabhas.

D.R,Nepal, secretary in his address directed all officers to work seriously to sustain the status of cleanest state and the first open defecation free state of the nation. He said that the state had achieved this feat with the continued support and guidance of the state government. He said that some 20-25 years ago the state had to consult other states such as Bengal, northeastern state and other progressive state for guidance but now other states look up to the example of Sikkim in many field for replication which is due to good governance prevailing in Sikkim. He asked the officers to continue to strive hard towards fulfillment of the objective of the government to make Sikkim the most developed state.

Anil Raj Rai, Mission Director asked the blocks to come up with innovative ideas for SLWM to take the mission forward. He said that since Sikkim was the first there was no readymade model to follow but we had to device our own from our own experience and leanings. In fact all other states were looking up to emulate Sikkim. He stressed all ADC development and BDOs to take up innovative IEC programmes so that the programme truly becomes a peoples movement. Earlier Sri Satyen Pradhan, State Coordinator gave a power point presentation on the process  of conducting cleanliness and SLWM index followed by the process of preparation of DPR for SLWM in the villages.

The Under Secretary (SBM) Praneet Pradhan also gave a presentation on model byelaws for SLWM. The workshop had active participation and  feedback from the field from the participants which were taken note for necessary action.

Source: IPR

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