Shillong’s evolving palate, new Lebanese restaurant opens

Shillong’s evolving palate, new Lebanese restaurant opens

Name: Gallooz

Location: Shillong, Opposite Horse Shoe Building, just above Wok.

Cooped up in the corner of a residential building located at Lower Lachumeire, Shillong opened a new food joint called ‘Gallooz’ serving a variety of grubs ranging from a little of continental and Tibetan, a little bit more of Indian and their speciality of Lebanese rolls – Shawarmas.

Opened a month ago, Shawarmas from here seems to be the word of mouth for this place and it sure seems to be catching up. The only place that one knew of that served Shawarmas in Shillong was Munchies and everyone who’ve had (an authentic) rightful Shawarma knows that it is not anything close to it. Well, this place seems to serve that almost ‘right kind of’ Shawarma rolls. Dollop of meat filling with white sauce dressing wrapped in thin pita. It is for sure tasty!

The Chicken Shawarma combo. Pic: Akash Limbu

Slightly crammed for a restaurant with three tables with seating for four each and a corner attached table with three seating leaves the place a little humid. However once the food ordered for arrives, the appealing presentation of the platter would get your attention (that is if you’ve ordered for a combo meal); a bite of the Shawarma and you’d forget the congested feeling of space leaving you in acknowledgement of several ‘hmmms’ for the tasty bites you’ve encountered.

Another reason to forget the small space is the music they play. Indie – the right kind of music to keep you calm and enjoy your time while awaiting for your food. Also, the service was just right, on time and friendly.

Rating of food on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)

Three people’s response: 7/8/8

Rating of service on a scale of 1-10

Three people’s response: 7/8/8

Rating of place on a scale of 1-10

Three people’s response: 5/5/6

(By Nocy Rangsa Marak)



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