Psybarite: Reviving old school thrash metal

Psybarite: Reviving old school thrash metal

Well, there’s nothing copious to state actually. For starters let’s outright for the unheard listeners, Pysbarite is a four piece thrash metal band from Sivsagar. The long haul of this band took them to win the title of Ransack 2015 last October.

The beauty of Heavy Metal had an influenced on Pritam (Vocalist) back in the ’90s when he was in the 4th grade. Sanchar, being his best friend, had no choice but to listen to the noise (back in the day, he hated heavy metal). Time moved, things took toll, they both grew. Changes came everywhere and so also in music. The powerful riffs and the unbelievably melodic solos left them stunned. They tried almost all the bands from the ’80s which showered as a taste of music upon them but they knew that nothing ever could stop them listening to Heavy Metal. The groovy/death elements blowed their minds away. All they could dream of was forming a band. Mridu (Guitarist), had a thrash band by the name of Machine-X, but, differences rose up between the band and he decided to leave them. He was now chasing members who had the same taste in genres as his.

In the year 2013, Pritam, Mridu and Sanchar were gulping at a place. A random thought crossed their mind. It was the thought of devising an old school band between the three. The next week they decided to jam some Megadeth, Pantera, Sepultura, Slayer and the likes. The trio went on looking for a bassist and they bridged that gap by Ronnie. Next sparkling fire was about naming the band. Coining the name “Psybarite”, took a lot of time than they anticipated. Psybarite basically is a deranged person (that’s what the society thinks he is) who’s actively fond of sensuous luxuries. With no moral/financial support from any other soul except from their respective families, these old schoolers worked their asses off creating originals and now are planning on releasing their debut album by this year.

Psybarite believes in delivering raw power and define themselves as an old-school Thrash/Groove metal band. In a recent gig at Searock elimination, they were being crowned as the winners of East Zone. This band currently holds the arsenal to bring back the old school thrash metal music by keeping their originality.

Listen to their music here:

(By Ritu Raj Boruah)



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