Online giant “Amazon” violates Indian tricolour ; sells it as doormat

Online giant “Amazon” violates Indian tricolour ; sells it as doormat


amazon doormat


While Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization, it has done something to spur critical responses throughout. Amazon Canada was found to be selling Indian flag doormat which read in the product description as, “doormat Indian flag Personalised Durable Machine-Washable Indoor/Outdoor Doormat”.  The e-commerce website finally was pushed to action for withdrawing the flag-themed doormat after India threatened of not granting Indian Visa to any Amazon official. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday stated “Amazon must tender unconditional apology. They must withdraw all products insulting our national flag immediately. “If this is not done forthwith, we will not grant Indian Visa to any Amazon official. We will also rescind the Visas issued earlier,” she said. An image of the products was tweeted to the Minister, after which she asked the Indian High Commission in Canada to raise the issue with Amazon.” Indian High Commission in Canada: This is unacceptable. Please take this up with Amazon at the highest level,” the Minister tweeted.


Amazon in a previous attempt had also posted  an article in its online marketplace which featured the image Lord Ganesha in the doormat.

(Sources : TOI)

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