OMEN- – By Ranjit Yengkhom

OMEN- – By Ranjit  Yengkhom


 O, my beloved earthen world

Alas, you are in regret too!

For the destination of itself.


The cruel creatures of this age

Specially the human acts,

All dance and play with flaming fire

On your fore head to forget remaining paths,

Then they catch fire again

The up words white protecting umbrella,

The violet rays of the sun fall on through hole in direct,

Some of them mourn to stretch

Their legs and hands to sit on ground,

Some of them take asleep in dark corner,

As one who has forgotten the world for good,

But my far a sight

A huge red blanked flying over

That attempts to cover you;

What it will be the omen!

Do nothing so good.

                                                 BY –  Ranjeet Yengkhom (Gujarat)



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