Nilu Yuleena Thapa, the uprising fashionista from Darjeeling

Nilu Yuleena Thapa, the uprising fashionista from Darjeeling

From being a student of Electrical Engineering to getting appointed as Karan Johar’s top 5 Lakme Vloggers, 25-year-old Nilu Yuleena Thapa has become a trendsetter for various fashion blogs, not only online but also in real time.  She is also the founder of the popular fashion blog, Big Hair Loud Mouth (BHLM) which was on May 2015 ranked 9th amongst the top bloggers across the globe, as per the European Social Media Matrix Tool Kpi in terms of the content strategy, brand impact and image and resonance influence.

Here is Nilu Yuleena Thapa in conversation with Shweta Raj Kanwar from TNT-The Northeast Today, she speaks about her travel expedition to Paris and her being chosen by LeEco to become a content partner for the IIFA2016 in Madrid and more.

Having been born and brought up in Kalimpong near Darjeeling, Nilu spent a major part of her life in Bengaluru. She did her schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent and Dr. Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong and went on to pursue her B.E in Electricals and Electronics under VTU in Bengaluru. “I started BHLM 4 years ago to document my sartorial journey along the years, and what started as a personal journal just for my reference became a full-fledged public diary and slowly BHLM evolved into a personal style blog where my Personal style choices are still reflected in the form of conceptual blogposts”. She says.


Here are extracts from her interview with TNT-The Northeast Today.

TNT: When did you develop an interest in fashion as a profession?

Nilu: I have actually never been a fashion conscious person. I determine trends based on what I see is available on the stores (online/ offline). I like to mix and match a lot of things and I don’t want to be someone who wears things just because it is said to be “in trend”. However I like dressing well and that in itself allows me to create looks which is a mix of old and new pieces. After all everyone wants to utilise the products they’ve purchased, and if we can create something visually appealing and something that makes us feel comfortable then why not experiment with what we have!

TNT: Please tell us about your recent trip to Paris and Madrid

Nilu: Both these trips felt like a dream. Paris being my first international trip after I won the #MaxroadtoParis contest felt what it might feel to win a million dollar lottery. Except that I felt richer. I felt the trip imbibed so much knowledge in me with regards to the culture, the people that I met, the events that I experienced, which would not have been compensated had I got monetary rewards. Madrid again was a surprise. I got to know a week prior to travelling that I was chosen to attend the IIFA 2016 and I actually felt like the entire trip felt like a daydream. Before the fact could sink in me, the trip had gotten over too but it was indeed very memorable! This trip was the least bit anticipated and before I knew it, I was running for my visa, even my visa was processed immediately as we’d gotten an invitation from the Government of Spain and IIFA and before I could grasp what was happening, I was there in Madrid, experiencing one of the biggest events in the Bollywood Showbiz.

TNT: Did you always wish to be a fashion blogger?

Nilu: Not exactly. I wish to be someone who can bring forth a change. I come from a small town and I want everyone with dreams to know that dreams can be achieved no matter what if your heart is set into it.

TNT: Do you endorse any brands?

Nilu: Yes. I endorse multiple brands, however at the moment I work as the Brand Ambassador of Spalon, which is a luxury salon and spa (Oryza and Bounce salons and spas) across Bangalore.

TNT: Who is your source of inspiration?

Nilu: Many. I love people that are expressive, bold and fearless. I seek inspiration from people who live their life and that motivates me to try harder and live my life to the fullest doing the things that I love.

TNT: Tell us more about the inception of Big Hair Loud Mouth (BHLM)

Nilu: BHLM was something that I came up with while sitting in a meeting room in Yahoo where I was employed earlier. I had already started a blog under a temporary random name but I knew I had to change it to something I could feel good about. I realised the blog made me feel alive and was a part of me already hence I decided to name the blog in my personal signature, BIG hair that denotes my love for changing my hairstyle and colour and LOUD mouth that is a reference I used to portray my love for bold lipcolours.

TNT: Your idea on being a Northeasterner.

Neil:  I like the diverse culture in the North East and the landscape of NE India makes me want to shoot in every location in the NE ( I have a weakness for amazing looking spots and I mark the location of all the beautiful places that I see so I can use them in the future shoot). Well, I’m not culture-centric. Having stayed in Bangalore with people from different parts of the country, I don’t like to categorize myself by my caste, ethnicity but I like to generalize myself as an Indian because when we go beyond the walls of India, Indians are what we are associated as and that’s what we all are.

I intend to expand in the future while trying to generate employment opportunities for youngsters who dream and believe in my dream”, ends Nilu Yuleena Thapa.

By Shweta Raj Kanwar



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