Nagaland: Rifleman found dead in Assam Rifles’ custody; Chakma body demands probe

Nagaland: Rifleman found dead in Assam Rifles’ custody; Chakma body demands probe

Jalaki (Nagaland), March 18: The All India Chakma Social Forum (AICSF), a social organization working for the development and rights of the Chakmas of India, has persuaded Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to conduct an impartial Court of Inquiry into the custodial killing of Kamal Mitra Chakma at Jalaki, Nagaland.

Kamal Mitra Chakma was brutally assaulted in the premises of his battalion headquarters at Jalaki in Nagaland when he went there to submit leave application to go home in Mizoram on 10th March 2017. His body was thrown outside the battalion headquarters premises assuming that he was dead.

Later, passersby spotted him and handed over to the Assam Rifles authorities who admitted him to Jorhat military hospital in Assam
in a serious condition. He died on 18 March 2017 at Jorhat
military hospital. 

“Right from the beginning, the behaviour of the Assam Rifles officials and the hospital doctors at Jorhat military hospital was suspect. They claimed that rifleman Kamal Mitra Chakma had sustained the injuries after he fell from a building. But the deceased did not have any head injuries, he had suffered broken bones in leg, hand, and thigh and he was spotted lying unconscious outside the premises of the 36th Assam Rifles battalion headquarters which prove that his injuries were not due to fall”, the release stated.

“Further, when the father of the deceased asked him whether he had fallen from the building, he nodded his head in negative. And, when his parents asked him if he was beaten up by his colleagues he nodded his head in positive. We have strong reasons to believe that he was not given proper medical treatment and killed to suppress the truth.” – stated Victor Talukdar, Deputy Secretary General of All India Chakma Social Forum.

The AICSF demanded that the post- mortem of the deceased Kamal Mitra Chakma should be conducted at a government civilian hospital either at Dibrugarh Medical College or Guwahati Medical College to ensure impartiality in the investigation; and institute a Court of Inquiry by officials outside the Assam Rifles battalions based in Nagaland into the custodial killing of Kamal Mitra Chakma and the investigation must involve at least one doctor to examine all medical aspects of the case.

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