Nagaland: Peaceful protest takes ugly turn- CCoFA alleges police misconduct!

Nagaland: Peaceful protest takes ugly turn- CCoFA alleges police misconduct!

DIMAPUR: The Coordination Committee on Fuel Adulteration (CCoFA) agitation banning movement of oil tankers and Nagaland Government vehicles on NH 29 was temporarily suspended on Wednesday. A swift turn of events earlier in the morning had the Dimapur district administration promulgating CrPC 144 within Chumukedima town, detention of 9 frontline CCoFA members and baton-charge by the police, which was followed by the Chief Minister meeting the CCoFA and the eventual temporary suspension of the agitation.

Allegations flew both ways regarding the morning’s event. The agitators accused the police of highhandedness, while the latter justified the use of force as a means to quell a gate-crashing bid at the NAPTC’s main entrance at Chumukedima.

The Coordination Committee on Fuel Adulteration (CCoFA) accused the Dimapur Police of misconduct towards volunteers involved in the NH 29 bandh on Tuesday. A press note from the CCoFA informed that volunteers were called to gather at Chumukedima Bridge, Patkai junction, at 6:00am. At around 7:30am, CCoFA leaders were taken into custody from the site by the police.

As news of the arrest spread, local youth, as instructed by CCoFA leadership, “marched peacefully” towards the arrest site to “court arrest as part of Jail Bharao strategy,” it claimed. However, the CCoFA alleged that IRB jawans “led by a DSP brutally assaulted the youth, near the 1st Gate, Chumoukedima.” It informed that the Vice President of the Chumukedima Town Youth Organisation (CTYO) was seriously injured, requiring 6 stitches on his head.

The CCoFA further alleged that “to cover up its own brutality, the Dimapur police, belatedly, imposed section 144 CrPC but only after back timing its issuance as 7:00am… whereas the decision to impose the section couldn’t have been before 8:30 am.”
The CCoFA demanded that disciplinary action be taken against the officer who allegedly led the “assault.”

(Source: Morung Express)

(Image: NAGALIM Twitter handle)



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