Nagaland: All you need to know about Tuluni Festival

Nagaland: All you need to know about Tuluni Festival

Tuluni festival in Nagaland is one of the grand festivals celebrated by the different clans of the Sumi tribe, that is the Tuku’s and the Swu’s in their own unique style. One of the most united tribes, the Sumis celebrate it with merry-making and is marked with feasts as the occasion occurs in the bountiful season of the year.

Here are things you need to know about Tuluni Festival of the Sumi Naga tribe:

  • The festival is celebrated to mark the end of dry season and the beginning of new fruits.
  • Tuluni festival is originally celebrated for 7 seven days
  • The festivities of the Tuluni festival begin with the rice beer, which is served in a goblet.
  • During this festival, young couples exchange gifts with each other. The fiance is invited to a grand dinner at the fiancee’s residence. Even siblings of the families of both the bride and groom exchange dinner and packed food and meats.
  • The Tuluni festival is also observed by the cultivators of Nagaland. The cultivators of Nagaland slaughter pigs or cows. The meats of the animal are shared among the different members of their family.

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