Nagaland: ACAUT pickets nine fuel outlets

Nagaland: ACAUT pickets nine fuel outlets

In the light of the delay in the arrest of  the kingpins of the recently exposed fuel adulteration racket in the state, the Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT), Nagaland has intensified its protest   by picketing nine fuel outlets in Dimapur, Kohima and Wokah on Thursday. ACAUT also laid siege to the state Food & Civil Supplies department office in Dimapur.

Hundreds of volunteers including members of ACAUT held placards which read, “This station sells adulterated fuel,” “Fill at your own risk,” etc.

A huge banner, “Food and Civil Supplies Department is now Fooling Consumers Service Department” was put up inside the F&CS office complex and similar banners were also seen in strategic locations across Dimapur. Later, the volunteers, including members of ACAUT, Concerned Citizens of Nagaland (CCN), Eastern Naga Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) Dimapur Unit, senior citizens, NGOs, and supporters, congregated at the F&CS office complex where a “protest programme” was held. Various speakers addressed the gathering and echoed the desire for a corruption free Nagaland.

Meanwhile, ACAUT stated that the picketing was mainly against the alleged kingpins who were reportedly proxy owners running business through Power of Attorney. Reacting to the statement of F&CS, that a detailed inquiry had been initiated, ACAUT dismissed the statement saying it had no faith in the internal inquiry nor will it accept the verdict. Further, ACAUT warned of tougher actions on the failure of the government to heed their demands.

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