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BAND: Abstract


MEMBERS: Joydeep Gohain (Vocals), Mrinmoy Das (Drums), Bobet Sana Keisam (Bass), Biswadeep Das (Lead)

BIO: Abstract started off as an idea, a name which occurred to the band’s lead guitarist Biswadeep. Eventually the drummer, Mrinmoy and Biswadeep started jamming sessions and called in a common friend Joydeep for vocals. Since three different people had three different tastes of music, it was decided that the band will be an ‘experimental’ act. Two others, Bobet and Mrigonav joined and became the bassist and the rhythm guitars respectively. The first stage performance was at Concensio 2015 at RGI in January. Later on the band attended almost all the competitions in and around Guwahati and started becoming a part of the rock and metal scene at Guwahati. The band is influenced with heavy metal, hard and soft rock, rock and roll, and a little bit of djent. There are future plans which are yet to be figured out with a view to make a stand for a completely new and different sound.

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BAND: Celestial Sphere

SONG TITLE: The Riders Song

MEMBERS: Aleena Terangpi, Thengchum Teron, Sotlumar Engti, Bendang Toshi, Edwardo Milick.

BIO: Celestial Sphere formed on 27th December 2010, with the initiative of the band manager Lunse Milick, to participate in a peace concert call Monsam Music Festival during an ethnic clash that cropped up between two ethnic tribes in the hills of Assam. The band prides in exploring and learning the roots of Karbi and various ethnic folk music. The sound of western form of music like Rock, Hard Rock, Roots Reggae, Blues and ethnic folk music from the region had lots of influences to the band. Blending and creating music with the above western form of music with ethnic folk tunes has always been an inspiration to the band members.

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SONG TITLE: Anecdote

MEMBERS: Neil Nathaniel Lyngdoh (Vocals), Cornelius Kharsyntiew (Guitars), Mayson Dkhar (Bass), Achugra Sangma (Drums)

BIO: The Shillong based band DYMBUR has definitely taken the hard road to be one of the best well known Metal acts from Shillong. Following years of hard work, the band emerged in February 2012, and there was no turning back since then. They became the first band from Shillong to use the ‘Djent’ guitar tone and down-tuned eight-string guitars. They are one of the bands that mixes elements of progressive and experimental metal together effectively, all while keeping the listener constantly interested with baited breath wondering just what is coming next.

Should you want to get in touch with them personally and give this band a chance to reach out to more fan though the music please contact them at –

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BAND: Maniac

SONG TITLE: Rock n’ Roll

MEMBERS: Roxy (vocal), Anjali (lead guitar), Sapna (rhythm guitar), Nancy (bass) and Goldie (drum).

BIO: Maniac is an all female hard rock band from Imphal, Manipur. Maniac was formed in 2013. The band’s name Maniac reflected the band members passion, fondness, and madness for music. The members have different tastes of music and listen to various types of genre. They are fond of listening to the songs of Vixen, Grace Potter, Kiss, Brandi Carlile, Scorpions, Aerosmith, etc. The lyrical themes are based upon life, dreams, status of women, and love. The first single “Rock N Roll” was released on 26th May 2016 with the hope to bring a new level to all the girls and asking them to come out and embrace life and do what their heart desires to do.

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BAND: Obliterating Vortex

SONG TITLE: Fatalist Nihilist

MEMBERS: Sailu Rasaily (Guitars & Vocals), Aditya Darnal (Guitars), Abhishek Moktan (Bass), Dichen Pakhrin (Drummer)

BIO: The music of this band might be as convoluting as the name itself – but then for aficionados of the metal music scene, as well as of the particular genre they play, this is a compliment, and not the other way round! The genre? Technical Death Metal. Obliterating Vortex cite bands like Martyr (Canada), Quo Vadis (Canada), Necrophagist, Cannibal corpse, Obscura, Obituary, etc. as influences when asked. Metal heads surely will not be disappointed upon checking their material – if you’re into soundscapes with off-time signatures, gargantuan riffs hard to decipher easily, and growls from the bowels of the earth as vocals, played at blistering tempos, you’ve come to the right place!

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BAND: Soul of Phoenix

SONG TITLE: It’s hurting me

MEMBERS: David Angu (Vocal/guitar), Decadence Anand (Guitar), Narmee Jamoh (Bass),Tasam Golo (Drums)

BIO: Soul of Phoenix, formed in the summer of 2011, is a heavy metal/hard rock band hailing from Aalo, West Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh and currently based in Shillong. The band’s style is reminiscent of classic rock, heavy metal.

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