Merenla Imsong: Comedian and more than just a mimic

Merenla Imsong: Comedian and more than just a mimic

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the past months, you’ll be aware of the new entertainer whose videos have been going viral in the social networking sites. From singers, dancers and artists, Northeast now has a young upcoming comedian on her way to become a virtual sensation. Not only is she a beauty with brains, she’s even got a kick-ass humor.

Here’s our interview with the lady with many accents, Merenla Imsong:
1. Brief us about you.

I grew up in Kohima. I was always a diligent student, loved participating in any activity as long as it did not involve sports (I was so bad at games, it was an utter horror to see me on the field). Throughout college in Delhi, I was some sort of an oddball. My attendance was near-perfect and my grades were good, but while everyone was busy reading Developmental Biology by Balinsky, I was usually lost thinking up of an alternative universe. After my masters, I made the conscious decision not to go down the IAS route, which disappointed a lot of people and instead starting performing onstage with different theater groups. Work brought me to Bombay and even though I have now ended up doing something completely different, my boss is sweet enough to understand when i need time off for rehearsals as long as I can manage my time.
2. When did you start doing mimicry?
I have been mimicking people for as long as I can remember! From relatives to teachers to TV reporters- People’s characters and mannerisms seem to rub off on me pretty easily.
3. In your recent video on Facebook, you’ve done a series of accent challenge. What other accents are you good at?
I can do roughly a few more but there is a lot of brushing up I want to do first before I’m satisfied.

4. Who’s your favourite comedian and why would that be?

I like Trevor Noah. Not only is he brilliant with his accents, but he never swears and most importantly, he delves on socially and politically sensitive subjects. I mean, who would choose apartheid as a topic for a stand up routine right? But he does it so brilliantly that you not only laugh, but end up introspecting as well.

(Check out her video here)

5. What else can you do apart from mimicry?
I can ride a unicycle while juggling six eggs and balancing a rooster on my head while reciting Macbeth’s soliloquy from Act 5 Scene 5 to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.
Or at least I wish I could.
6. Can you tell us something about yourself that we do not know of?
I am terrified of huge social gatherings and fancy parties. Most of the time, unless I personally know someone, I end up sitting in a corner, pretending to catch up with my old friend, the lampshade whom I haven’t met with in years.
7. Your Facebook page was initially called ‘The Accidental Comedian.’ Why accidental?
Because I have never considered myself as a comedian. I love performing and having an audience infront of me but making people laugh is no easy feat and frankly scary too. There’s more to what I like doing than the videos that have gone up.
8. Your videos are going viral and people are talking about the ‘girl who nailed the accent challenge.’ What’s your take in it?
The response of people has been overwhelming. I really wasn’t expecting the last video to go this viral. People have been very sweet, writing in and encouraging me. I feel truly blessed :)



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