Meghalaya:Garo Customary Law will become the worse nightmare for ‘pure’ Garos, warns BJP leader

Meghalaya:Garo Customary Law will become the worse nightmare for ‘pure’ Garos, warns BJP leader

Tura, Apr 2:  Pure blood Garos would become minorities in Garo Hills if the Customary Law Bill, recently passed by the GHADC if not repealed warned BJP leader Bernard N Marak. This is the second time the angered leader voiced his concerns over the passing of the Bill.

“In time, Garo Customary Law (GCL) will become the worst nightmare to ‘pure’ Garos. When half breed Garos are not considered as Garos anymore and only ‘pure’ Garos are considered as genuine Garos (STs) the tribal population in Garo Hills will shrink to some thousands. Imagine the anguish people will have when they realize they become minorities in Garo Hills just like Tripura,” said Bernard in a release today.

He felt that most constituencies in Garo Hills will not be ST seats anymore as half breed Garos would add to the general population making many constituencies general.

“Worse is that these seats will not be won by so called ‘Genuines’ as people in general would opt for vision oriented leaders. And when majority seats are won by the non – Garos a new bill can be introduced in the state assembly and passed in the interest of the non-Garos,” he added.

“According to the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution (Para 12A) the Act passed by the State would over lap the bill passed by GHADC and that will be a nightmare to many,” he felt.

Bernard alleged political agenda of a few people for what he considered a hastily passed Bill.

“Once it becomes an Act the worst will unfold,” said Bernard.

The BJP leader sought for the Bill to be repealed in the interest of all.

“The intentions of the GCL Committee and Denang led EC is questionable. Whether they examined the political, economic and social repercussions before placing the bill or were they simply too dumb to see the bigger picture? Either way it would have a negative impact on the peaceful coexistence of ‘Garos’,” he added.

He urged the people who supported the Bill to see the bigger picture.

“Treat this as an insight as there are thousands out there who are not scared to face what may be but are rather motivated to stand for the rights of the section whom handful of people disowned through GCL. For the safery of the Garos, this bill needs to be repealed immediately,” stated the release.


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