Meghalaya: West Khasi Hills becomes 1st district to constitute committee against Sexual Harassment in workplace

The Prevention of Workplace Sexual Harassment Act 2013 requires an employer to set up an “Internal Complaints Committee” (ICC) at each office or branch, of an organization employing 10 or more employees, to hear and redress grievances pertaining to sexual harassment.

At the district level, the Government is required to set up a “Local Complaints Committee” (LCC) to investigate and redress complaints of sexual harassment from the unorganized sector or from establishments where the ICC has not been constituted on account of the establishment having less than 10 employees or if the complaint is against the employer.

Consequently, in pursuance to Section 4 (1) (2) (a) up to (c) (3) of the Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act,2013 Internal Complaints Committee in the office the Deputy Commissioner, West Khasi Hills District Nongstoin has been constituted. The members of the Committee are as follows.
1) Smti Balakyntiew Ranee, EAC, West Khasi Hills District. Nongstoin-President
2) Smti Pimillioris Byrsat, Supervisory Assistant, DC’s Office Nongstoin- Member
3) Smti Deisibel Syiemlieh, Supervisory Assistant, DC’s Office Nongstoin- Member
4) Smti F Catherine Rymbai, Advocate, West Khasi Hills District, Nongstoin- Member

In pursuance to Section 7(1) (a) up to (d) of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act,2013 Local Complaints Committee has been constituted in West Khasi Hills District.
The members of the Committee are as follows.

1) Smti Spinicy Diengdoh, Nongpyndeng. West Khasi Hills District, Nongstoin.(Rtd. Inspector of Schools)- President
2) Smti FM Lakiang. MCS, Block Development Officer, Mairang C&RD Block West Khasi Hills District- Member
3) Smti IK War,District Social Welfare Ofticer, West Khasi Hills District, Nongstoiii as Ex-ofticio Member
4) Smti lcylda Nongrum, Teacher and Member of Pyndengrei Women Social Welfare Organisation- Member
5) Fr James Anderson Syiemlieh, Director, NSSS, Nongstoin- Member

The Chairpersons and members of the committees shall hold office for a period of three years from the date of appointment.

All offices/establishments in the district which are having 10 or more employees have been advised to constitute Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). And for those establishments who have less than 10 employees they will be covered by the Local Complaints Committee set up at the district level. There shall be zero tolerance on any sorts of sexual harassment in the district both in organized and unorganized sectors.

West Khasi Hills is the only district in Meghalaya to have constituted such committees under the law to address complaints of sexual harassment at workplaces.

Source: Deputy Commissioner Nongstoin Facebook page

Representational image used from internet sources

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