Meghalaya Uranium Crisis: Major blow to Centre, NGOs sends message to close the ‘Uranium chapter’

Meghalaya Uranium Crisis: Major blow to Centre, NGOs sends message to close the ‘Uranium chapter’

SHILLONG, March 16: Uranium crisis which have loomed large might have to take the backseat as a group of NGOs asked the Uranium Corporation India Limited (UCIL) to convey a clear message to the Centre to close the  ‘URANIUM CHAPTER’ in Meghalaya.

This was conveyed by them during a meeting convened by UCIL chairman cum Managing Director (CMD) CK Asnani in the state capital here.

The main purpose of the UCIL’s official was to go into the main crux of the issue and the stand of the people on the subject. UCIL officials tried to convince on the advantages of uranium mining which was rejected by NGOs from both health and environment point of view.

Newly elected leader of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) Lambokstar Marngar said, “We have instead requested him(Asnani) to convey our message to the Centre that if would be most appropriate that the Uranium chapter is closed once and all in as far as the state is concerned.”

“Despite trying their best to make us understand about the good side of uranium, we maintained that nothing can change our mind which is ‘NO TO URANIUM’.” added Marngar


In the same vein Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) general secretary Robertjune Kharjahrin said, “We have advised the UCIL that it is high time that they bade Meghalaya farewell and leave us for good.”

“We also told them directly that the UCIL is an evil messenger who holds the key to opening the Pandora box of hell,” Kharjahrin added.

The HYC leader said they have reiterated their opposition against uranium mining on two main grounds which include health and environmental hazards and land alienation. If such mining is allowed, he said no doubt people will be displaced and their close relationship and culture will be affected to a great extent. He said it was argued that there has been no technology so far that can prevent leakage of radiation from this mineral besides measures to ensure rivers are not going to be contaminated.

Kharjahrin said that a human rights activist during the meeting had also pointed out the mass genocide that may arise if such activity is allowed which in turn can be a violation of human rights.

The other NGOs who attend the meeting include North East Students Organization (NESO), Meghalaya People Human Rights Council (MPHRC), North East Dialogue Forum(NEDF), Langrin Youth Welfare Organization(LYWO) and Joint Action Committee of Social Organization(JACSO).

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