Meghalaya: Sohan’s mantra ‘You give up arms, you die’ draws flaks from surrendered GNLA cadres

Meghalaya: Sohan’s mantra ‘You give up arms, you die’ draws flaks from surrendered GNLA cadres

TURA: Conflict is everywhere, be it in a political set up or a misfit’s set up. While Meghalaya is overfed with the constant internal conflicts within the congress party and political instability, other ugly matters have also surfaced in the militant-torn region of Garo Hills.

The recent cold blooded murder of the former finance secretary of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), Rakkam D Shira (Bilding Ch Marak) by members of the outfit, allegedly led by its commander in chief, Sohan D Shira, last evening did not sit well with the surrendered cadres of the outfit.

Condemning the killing of one of their own, the surrendered cadres said that killing former cadres of the outfit was not the solution Garo Hills needs.

Rakkam was shot multiple times from a very close range by GNLA rebels during his visit to his hometown near Williamnagar at about 6:45 pm on Monday evening.

“We chose to surrender as we wanted peace and to leave the ways that we had led. We don’t have any problem with Sohan carrying on his struggle for Garoland but what is the need to kill someone who has given up arms and when he could not defend himself,” said the former cadres of the outfit.

The former cadres further stated that their intention was to get back to normal life. “This saga of retribution for leaving the outfit has to stop or there will only be bloodshed. If we keep getting pushed this way, we will also be compelled to think of how to defend ourselves. We only appeal to the GNLA to let us live in peace,” added the cadres.

Sohan had recently made public through social media his intention to target those leaders and cadres who abandoned his outfit. He had also announced the formation of an “eraser unit” to target GNLA deserters.

Last month, Sohan led a group of rebels to Rongsak village on the Tura-Williamnagar road and executed a former cadre who deserted the organisation for another group and had surrendered to police in December.

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