Meghalaya: NGO’s Objects on risen Alcohol rates!

Meghalaya: NGO’s Objects on risen Alcohol rates!

Tura, Apr 20 2017: NGOs of the Phulbari today raised objections to the sale of alcohol at new rates despite the stock being old at showing older rates. Though most have been bearing the brunt of such excesses (which happen whenever there is a hike in pricing) complaints have been few due to the matter of drinking being taboo

The hike in the rate of taxes in the state on the sale of alcohol has seen massive jumps in the cost leading to some stockists selling their old stock at new rates, causing much consternation to avid drinkers.

The matter was seriously raised today after a complaint from a consumer who bought a bottle of alcohol that should have cost him only Rs 220 but he had to pay Rs 330 for the same.

“While we don’t mind the increase in the cost of alcohol, we were shocked that old stock is still being sold but at new prices. This is a windfall for most stockists and they are set to make huge profits while we pay extra and the state gets nothing, despite the hike in rates,” said a resident of Phulbari in West Garo Hills.

The matter was raised to the NGO team of CEPARD and GSU who sought a meeting with the shop owners over the sale of old bottles at new prices.

“They (shop owners) said that the Bond owners (stockists) themselves were hiking prices despite the goods being old leading to them also selling at the new rates. We asked them to stop the sale if that is the case as it was cheating on customers as well as the state government’s revenues,” said CEPARD Phulbari president, Treepon Sangma.

“We are going to raise this matter to the administration as to how such an act is being allowed. Sale of any product above its Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is illegal and needs to be looked into. The guilty people behind this need to be taken to task,” added Francewell Marak, the GSU president.

Meanwhile similar cases of overcharging have been reported from most places in Garo Hills, with a similar excuse being provided in almost all of these cases.

Source: TNT News



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