Meghalaya: NEHU Students Union questions authorities inaction and demands formation of ICC against sexual harassment by professors

SHILLONG, Jan 3: Perturbed by the inaction of the North Eastern Hill University, NEHU authorities against cases of sexual harassment by professors against students in the university, the University Students UNION, NEHUSU today demanded the formation of the Internal Complaint Committee, (ICC) as per the UGC and sexual harassment act of 2013.

Speaking to reporters, NEHUSA general secretary, L Nathan Lingkhoi said, “We have talked to the authorities from time to time regarding the cases of sexual harassment in the campus but then there has  not been a concerted effort from the side of the university to act against these cases of sexual harassment ,” further informing that a case has been registered against a particular professor for sexually harassing a research scholar, but then no stringent action has been taken against this professor despite the recommendations of the women’s cell of NEHU.

“Why are the findings of the women cell not legally binding and final,” he questioned? Stating that as per the UGC and sexual harassment act of 2013 there should be have been an internal complaint committee that should have been constituted, which is non-existent in NEHU

Pointing out that according to the UGC recommendation dated July 5 states that the executive committees of the  higher education institution must mandatorily see the recommendations of the Internal Complaint Committe implemented in the timely manner, Lingkhoi said, “We are demanding to constitute ICC as when it recommends a particular action the executive council of the institute is bound to mandatorily extent full support.”

 “This is the difference between the women cell and ICC and that is why we are demanding the ICC to be constituted  in NEHU,” he reasoned.

“We do not want NEHU to be defamed by few black sheeps, but if these types of incidents continue to happen then the institution will go to the drain,” he added.

He further said, “We have been protesting from time to time but what we see is that authorities say that students belong to the classrooms and to participate in sports and not on the streets, but when the students are oppressed, don’t we have the rights to voice our concerns?”.

(TNT News)

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