Meghalaya Mrigre witch hunting case: Victim’s other kin don’t want reinvestigation

Meghalaya Mrigre witch hunting case: Victim’s other kin don’t want reinvestigation

TURA, April 18: The case for the victims of the infamous Mrigre witch hunting, which left five murdered took a further turn today with a section of the victim’s families ‘not wanting’ a re investigation into the case.

Two weeks earlier, the daughter of two victims had asked for a re investigation into the case alleging that the police team may have lapsed in some places in terms of identifying those responsible for the killing of five people in the village in January 2016.

The five killed were school teacher David M T Sangma and his father Hedison B Marak, Hallen T Sangma, his wife Bala T Sangma and their son Washing T Sangma (30). The five were murdered in the month of January 2016.

Police later arrested four persons including the Nokma of the village Lind B Marak (28) along with Robson P Marak (45), Chendal T Sangma (58) and Seminal B Marak (46). All the four were arrested but later released on bail. Others however, who had confessed to their role were not arrested.

A magisterial inquiry by the WGH administration had pointed fingers at the role of the villagers as well as rubbished claims by villagers of the victims practising witchcraft.


Last month, the daughter of the victim, Hallen and Bala, had approached the DC and SP of WGH seeking a re investigation over allegations of the police inquiry being partial. The administration had sought legal opinion regarding the matter in order to proceed.

In a letter sent today, the relatives argued that the investigation had been completed and as many as 63 people have been identified through the police investigation as accused while also stating that the demand for re investigation may have been instigated. The letter was sent allegedly by one of victim’s kin, identified as Tamera Sangma.

The letter stated that on Mar 17 this year, 3 persons including an American citizen had gone to the village after which the victim’s daughter may have sought a re investigation.

Sources later revealed that three persons, including an NGO member and two persons from the press (including the American) had visited the village to seek information into the case which may have been construed as interference by some villagers.

Meanwhile sources also stated that the victim’s daughter, who had sought the re investigation moved to Shillong earlier today to seek a meeting with the DGP on the matter and to seek early justice for the victims and an unbiased investigation to seek justice.

The case is now being heard in the GHADC where it was moved earlier.

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