Meghalaya: Massive hailstorm, lightning leaves trail of destruction in Garo Hills

Meghalaya: Massive hailstorm, lightning leaves trail of destruction in Garo Hills

TURA, April 4: The fury of nature has left many parts of northeastern region in tatters, incessant rainfall in most areas of Garo Hills has left a trail of destruction with houses, schools and trees strewn in the aftermath of its destruction.

While most of the districts have been affected, the worst affected has been the districts of North and East Garo Hills.

Roofs of most houses were completely damaged owing to the large hail that fell for a long duration of time. The gusty winds to did their part with many tertiary roads being closed due to many trees that fell.

Blocks of Resubelpara and Kharkutta in NGH reported almost all villages affected by the devastating rains and thunderstorms which were followed by lightning strikes.


A yet to be unidentified man had to be shifted to Goalpara after being struck by lightning near the village of Bajengdoba. His situation is said to be critical.

“We are still collecting reports of total damage caused due to the continued rains. Some remote areas have been blocked due to roads being blocked by trees. Hopefully we should have more information tomorrow. The devastation though has been total in most areas,” said BDO of Kharkutta, RZD Shira.

Preliminary reports available with the Block office stated that about 30 villages have been affected with many severely affected. Schools, community halls and houses have been destroyed over many days of rains.

The effect of the devastation caused in Resubelpara can be gauged from the fact that two villages itself had more than 170 households affected, most of which were severe.


“Thankfully there was no loss of human life. We too will be provide a complete assessment only tomorrow as we still await reports from the severely affected places,” said BDO of Resubelpara, Leena D Sangma.

In East Garo Hills, all three C&RD Blocks were affected though only partially.

“There were about 595 houses partially damaged and only one that was fully damaged. 5 schools also took a hit in the Rongjeng Block with no human casualties reported throughout the district.

In West Garo Hills, roofs of houses near Dalu on the India-Bangladesh border were hit due to falling hail, though the devastation was not as bad as the other districts.

“There is no loss of life reported and about 200 households have been affected. Our disaster managements have been kept on standby. We are awaiting a complete report which should in by the night or early morning,” said DC of WGH, Pravin Bakshi.

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