Meghalaya: KSU forms Anti- Influx cell to tackle illegal immigrants

Meghalaya: KSU forms Anti- Influx cell to tackle illegal immigrants

Meghalaya, March 17 2017: With the intention to curb illegal immigrants who come to the state for daily wage labor of mining coal, construction and also illegal business, the Khasi Students Union (KSU) of the South West Khasi Hills district unit has formed an “Anti- Influx cell”.

Forwardman Nongrem, President KSU South West Khasi Hills District said,” from the side of the union we have decided to give 15 days to the contractors and coal barons to prepare work permits  to all their laborers especially from places like Nongjri, Borsora, Rajaju, Nongkulang and all coal mines in South West Khasi Hills district. The union also will not allow illegal immigrant laborers to trade without proper documentation especially Trading Licences henceforth.”

This cell was initiated for the very purpose of raiding all coal laden locations, construction sites, market hubs etc which are not able to produce adequate laborer registration papers like Work Permit scheme and Trading Licence.

Members within the cell number to hundreds and more recruitment will be done accordingly so as to proportionately cover the work demanded.

The KSU have enforced this strong warning to the coal businessmen, contractors and to all abettors of illegal immigrants. The union has strong knowledge that these immigrants are mostly Nepalis and Bangladeshis found working in areas mentioned above.

Nongrem further added that this stringent move to put up the cell was because the local people of Meghalaya are losing employment opportunities especially in the border areas. It is to point out that the Union is also against the local businessmen to allow Benami system to non-tribals who plunder the riches of the state.

The KSU has urged the people of South West Khasi hills to prepare themselves if the Union is to take drastic measures in light of this issue from here on end.

Forwardman concluded by saying, “We are also on a campaign to protect our bridges especially those from Ranikor to Umpung villages onward from overladen coal trucks carrying a load more than 9 tonnes”

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