Meghalaya: Kidnapping gang arrested in Garo Hills

Meghalaya: Kidnapping gang arrested in Garo Hills

Tura, March 17: In connection with a kidnapping case of Monsing Sangma on March 8 2017, East Garo hills and North Garo Hills District police in a joint operation, have arrested 6 persons. The names of the arrested include, Gilbrith Sangma, Rakash Sangma, Seltin Momin, Toseng Sangma, Bronson Momin and Nisbrith Sangma.

Weapons and other equipment were recovered from  their posession which included, 6 dummy pistols,1 knife,1 camouflage jacket,6 long pants, 3 T Shirts, 4 Caps, 1 Magazine pouch, 1 Camouflage bag, 3 Torches, 4 Mobile phones and 7 Sim cards.

The accused, confessed to have kidnapped and killed Monsing on the very same day. It is deducted that the whole motive behind the crime was because of an old rivalry related to some financial transaction. Monsing’s dead body was recovered and sent to Williamnagar Civil Hospital for Post Mortem examination.

It is also another breakthrough for the police as one of the suspects, Gilbrith Sangma was also connected to a bomb blast that had occoured in Byrnihat in the year 2015.

Further investigations are underway and police have said that more people will be arrested soon.

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