Meghalaya: HNLC threatens to revive ‘Operation Kyllang’ to tackle rise in crime against women

Meghalaya: HNLC threatens to revive ‘Operation Kyllang’ to tackle rise in crime against women

SHILLONG, March 14 2017: The banned militant outfit HNLC has criticised the state government for its failure to tackle the alarming rate of crime committed against women and children in the state while announcing its decision to revive ‘Operation Kyllang’ to punish rapists in the state.

Ironically, Operation Kyllang, which initially the brain-child of Former HNLC chief and Mawhati Legislator Julius Dorphang who was recently arrested for his involvement in sexually harassing and exploiting a 14 year old minor girl.

In a statement issued by the HNLC, the outfit informed that it is in the verge of reviving its operation kyllang to punish rapists even as it stated that this will not be possible without the people’s cooperation.

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“This time we will not spare rapists who attack small children. The punishment would be stringent and equivalent to capital punishment,” HNLC publicity Secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said.

Operation Kyllang, the ‘Khasi’ word for ‘Hurricane’ took the society by storm with its inception. The tremor that it manifested within the rapists due to its deadly form of punishment is still recalled with fear by many.

Meanwhile, raising the issue of crime against women, Nongtraw said that the scenario of women’s protection is deteriorating day by day in the entire state. “This is an irony that culprits commit crimes and just get away with it. The police department is very active in arresting militants and monitoring them. But when it comes to monitor drug mafias and rapists they are blindfolded,” he said.

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Criticising the chief minister for his alleged deceiving speech during the assembly, HNLC said that the chief minister in his recent speech had mentioned about crimes committed on women but he failed to check on the home minister whose guest house was used for raping a teenage girl.

“What about the Meghalaya house in Delhi and kolkatta? These houses are also a recreational ladies club for several high libido MLAs. The CM is all aware of these extravagant parties, “ Nongtraw said.

Taking on the Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh for his refusal to step down despite pressures from different corners, the HNLC publicity publicity said “The home minister should have resigned on moral grounds thereby allowing initiation of a fair probe. The congress brigade has time and again defended several tainted MLAs including Ampareen lyngdoh, Deborah Marak, and several others.”

“When law cannot take its courses of action on the bigwigs then how can we expect a speedy justice when it comes to the common people,” he questioned.

Substance abuse

Talking about drugs, the HNLC has termed the entire scenario as a mystery stating that in so many years, no kingpin has ever been arrested but only youths who consume drugs and small timers. Many questions comes up, “What about policemen who consume drugs and stage fake encounters. What about the drugs that are seized? Are they again auctioned to the police or the drug mafias? Although this remains a mystery”, he said.

Accident cases

Taking a dig at the recent announcement made by the government to pay compensation to the victims of the West Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills accident cases, the HNLC said that it is a shame on the MUA II government to pay 50 thousand per head and 20 thousand for the injured as compensation.

“The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relief fund had sanctioned RS 2 lakh per family and state govt sanctioned only 50 thousand. This same govt doesn’t hesitate to spend crore of money on useless festivals thereby filling pockets of private businessmen,” Nongtraw said.

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Meanwhile, the outfit has reiterated its statement saying that they are not against development nor are against railways but the government should start the entry exit points to check influx at the earliest.

While welcoming the newly elected central body of the KSU, Nongtraw said in terms of development, once the entry exit points are setup then only can we think of railways. “We would like to compete at par with other developing states. Railways are a necessity for our people because the transportation costs of essential commodities shall fall,” he said.

He however, said that it is up to the seriousness of the CM and his cabinet to start the entry exit points “before our people gets outnumbered by illegal outsiders.”

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