Meghalaya: Government to face hurdle to set up medical college in Tura

Meghalaya: Government to face hurdle to set up medical college in Tura

TURA, Mar 15: Huge crowd throng to Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) seeking abolition of khas mahal (Mauza X) from Tura, which falls under the A’king land (clan land) of Danakgre.

A memorandum signed by 1004 people from different parts of Tura demanded abolition of Mauza X from sixth schedule area, which they alleged has been unlawfully functioning under the land and revenue department of the district council.

The mass memorandum sought for cancellation of the patta, which was recently issued by GHADC to the medical department over the land, which was habited by the lepers (Leper colony), which presently houses several households. The colony is now known as Rongka Chiring.

The residents of Tura under Danakgre A’king pleaded for council’s immediate intervention and action against the state government’s plot to evict the tribal populace of Rongka Chiring locality (Tura civil hospital area) here.


“State government plans to forcibly evict the residents of Rongka Chiring for the construction of a medical college, facility without proper process of acquisition and compensation”, the memorandum said.

They also pointed to the council that the state government cannot own a land without following the process of Land Acquisition Act 1894 which governed all process of land owning system till the end of 2013.

They also mentioned that the Act restricts the state from acquiring land from the Scheduled areas, but state forcibly applied force and few years ago the residents of Balchakram and Chiringgitim at Dakopgre were evicted and recently dismantled 27 houses at Sillanggre for construction of road.

 “Targeting the residents of Rongka Chiring is an atrocity against the Scheduled Tribes in spite of the Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989 (ST/SC). We strongly condemn and oppose the state government’s move to evict the tribal population on pretext of constructing a medical college in the A’king land”, the memorandum added.

They stated that all documents acquired by the state were illegal as ‘The Land Acquisition Act 1894’ was not followed in the process of land acquisition and the state government continue to take advantage of the ignorance of the tribal leaders and use force to create fear psychosis among the public which is mere atrocity on the Scheduled Tribes.

The memorandum further mentioned that the patta issued to the Tura Civil Hospital by GHADC was under unconstitutional provision (Mauza X – Khas Mahal) which cannot exist in the A’king land and does not fall under the sixth schedule system.

“Pattas were issued to state departments without the written consent of the A’king Nokma which puts the role of GHADC in Garo Hills debatable. How GHADC issued patta without the consent of the A’king Nokma is a matter of great concern”, the memorandum pointed out.

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