Meghalaya: German technology road turns out to be a joke; UDP questions construction delay!

Meghalaya: German technology road turns out to be a joke; UDP questions construction delay!

Tura, Apr 1: The much vaunted German technology road from Resubelpara to the town of Mendipathar in North Garo Hills (NGH) came up for ridicule mainly due to the non completion of the road which is fast becoming any driver’s nightmare.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) today questioned the delay in the completion of construction of the road that is already half completed and requires metalling and tar coating to complete.

The road in question was initially half completed just before the annual ABDK Sobha that was held in Resubelpara, two years ago and remained the same since, with the contractors completely ignoring the construction of the road.

“The road has become a nightmare for travelers and with the rains coming early, the slippery nature of the soil has made travel difficult. The non completion is condemnable and as residents of the district we demand its immediate completion,” said UDP joint secretary, Anand Marak.

The party further questioned the disparity in development asking as to why only North and South Garo Hills was being neglected.

The Deputy Commissioner of NGH when contacted said that the PWD team had been alerted on the matter and construction of the road was to commence from the month of March but is yet to get off.

“The PWD had through an order asked the contractors, CC Constructions to complete the road immediately but the same is yet to start. I will seek an answer once again regarding the status of the construction,” said DC, SC Sadhu.

Another road that connects to the DC and SP office is also now in a state of tatters but repair work is yet to start off.

“The construction of the road from Dekachang to Daram has also been sanctioned though it now lies with the PWD department and is yet to take off,” added Sadhu.

Earlier in the year 2014, the construction of the road only got off due to objections and protests raised by the NGOs of NGH and was partially completed on the promise that the road would be completed later after the materials had settled.

“That promise has been reneged on and the contractors are now not taking the initiative to complete the work given to them. The people are the sufferers due to their negligence,” said Walseng Sangma, a member of GSU NGH.

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