Meghalaya Gang-rape case: Mawryngkneng Sordar arrested for abetting crime, gets bail

Meghalaya Gang-rape case: Mawryngkneng Sordar arrested for abetting crime, gets bail

SHILLONG, March 16 2017: Peter Lawai, the Sordar of Mawryngkneng and president of the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC), who was arrested for abetting the rapists of a 17-year-old girl, was released on bail on Wednesday. The Sordar, who was arrested on January 6, denied the allegations that he shielded the six perpetrators, including the younger brother of the headman of Mawryngkneng, who gang raped the minor girl on the night of January 1.

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Lawai was greeted by more than 50 people, including HYC members, from Mawryngkneng Dorbar outside the jail. The relatives of the girl had appealed to the authorities concerned that Lawai and the locality head of Mawryngkneng Mawmang should not be granted bail.

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The manner in which the case handled has led to many questions on the integrity of our justice system. It is to remember that the Sordar who is considered a prominent figure in the locality, negotiated with the family of the rape victim to brush the incident under the carpet with a compromise that all medical expenses will be borne by the perpetrators. To add salt to the wound, the victim was denied basic medical assistance in two hospitals and the medical authorities insisted that the matter is a police case and must follow procedure. It is commendable that the family of the victims held on to their resolve for justice; however it was short-lived since the Sordar who was abetting the crime was let out on bail.

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