Meghalaya: CM Mukul Sangma accused of seeking HNLC’s support for 2018 Assembly Polls

Meghalaya: CM Mukul Sangma accused of seeking HNLC’s support for 2018 Assembly Polls

SHILLONG, May 19: While the alleged politicians-militants nexus is a serious concern in Meghalaya, the banned militant outfit of Meghalaya – the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Thursday claimed of an attempt on the part of the chief minister to garner the outfit’s support for the upcoming Assembly polls in 2018.

In a statement issued by the HNLC on Thursday evening, the outfit claimed that congress chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma was left out with no other option but to seek the support of the HNLC for the upcoming elections in 2018.

“He had sent feelers to our organisation last week to support the Congress candidates in the entire Khasi and Jaintia hills for the forthcoming 2018 elections,” HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongkraw said.

While the state government is unwilling to initiate any peace talks with the outfit in the past, Nongtraw said that it seems Mukul now wants to bargain with them. “We were told that if we want the peace process to start then we should support the Congress in the forthcoming elections thereby making way for another term for Dr mukul as a Chief minister,” he added.

Furthermore, the HNLC has openly issued a statement resolving that they will not be fooled by such attempts. We will not allow ourselves to be used by Dr Mukul for his political gains as he did in Garo hills during the last assembly elections,” asserted the HNLC publicity secretary adding “We rather intensify our struggle than to bargain with Dr Mukul.”

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The outfit also stated that in future any feelers sent by the GOM should be free of any political manipulations. “Dr Mukul is not the sole proprietor of Meghalaya. He is only the CM for a specified timeframe,” he said.

Predicting Dr Mukul’s downfall, the HNLC said “His downfall is very near. Dr Mukul Sangma’s selfishness, arrogance and pride shall become the main reasons for his downfall.”

Stating that Dr Mukul is no CM rather a sole representative of Ampati constituency, Nongtraw blamed Mukul for lack of development in the state particularly in Garo Hills. “He does not care about the Khasi nor Jaintia hills , to be precise not even Garo hills. There are many underdeveloped areas in Garo hills but his main concern is to pull inall developmental activities and projects in Ampati,” Nongtraw said.

The HNLC has also issued a warning against any unscrupulous people who can misuse the name of HNLC during elections under the diktat of Dr Mukul.

If there is any truth in these accusations made by the HNLC, then it is likely going to be a cause of concern for the democratic set up in the state. It may be reminded that this is not the first accusation levelled against the congress party. Few years ago, Congress leader Deborah Marak was alleged of reaching out to the GNLA, seeking its support  in 2013 Assembly elections.

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